The Soul Shakers' Union

About the Band

  The Soul Shakers’ Union is a 5 piece band comprised of musicians who have long honed their craft. The band’s dedication to preserving the great music of the electric blues pioneers is mixed with an edginess that creates a rich tapestry of sound and energy on stage, creating a truly unique live experience. The goal of the band is to deliver these songs with passion, integrity and an energy that captivates and engages their audiences.

  The brainchild of musicians Mike Woods and Todd Garrison (from the band Garage Dog) was to hand pick other musicians that could provide the soul and feel that they were looking for.  The rhythm section is comprised of Tyson Galloway (Washboard Hank and the Wringers, Madman’s Window etc.) on bass and Daniel Farrell (Universal recording artist - Gentleman Husbands) on drums. The guitar duties are split between Mike Woods (Garage Dog, Barefoot Soul) and Marty Hepburn (Marty and the Mojos). The lead vocals for the band are delivered in full force by Todd Garrison (Garage Dog, Summerhouse).  

  The band is drenched in the blues and pays homage to the artists that they feel helped to pioneer the genre. Cover songs tend to lean towards the Chicago Blues, Chess records era and are the starting point of reference but not exclusive to their sound. The band has also begun writing their first album of original material. The best way to describe the sound of the band is edgy, high-octane blues with a blue-collar work ethic.  The band lives to play live. The interaction with audiences, new stages and the thrill of the performance lights a fire within each member to deliver unforgettable performances. Bring your dancing shoes and leave your troubles behind. The Soul Shakers’ Union isn’t just a band name, it is a promise to rattle you to the core and leave you wanting more!


Backdoor Man - The Soul Shakers' Union

Our take on a classic Howling' Wolf tune.